About Us

The Ishtar Collective is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the intersectional issues of sex work with LGBTQIA+, race, class, gender, and disability equity. We are run by and for current or former sex workers, sex industry allies, and survivors of human trafficking who live or work in Vermont.

As an anti-trafficking and sex worker rights organization, we are dedicated to supporting our communities through policy advocacy, direct services, and community education.

Policy: We support the Vermont State Legislature Bill H. 568.

Services: We provide free drug and safer sex harm-reduction kits.

Education: As experts on sex and the sex industry, our communities are uniquely positioned to educate the public on matters of sexuality and commercial sexual labor. We are also the first line of defense against trafficking within the sex industry. We are here to protect our industry against exploitation and provide other organizations, individuals, or groups expert testimony and evidence-based data on our lived experiences.

We are trans and cisgender women, cisgender men, non-binary, people of color, multi-racial, white, indigenous, people who live with disabilities, poor, middle, or working class, queer and straight. We live at varying intersections of these identities & degrees of privilege.

We provide educational resources and peer support to our communities in order for them to live healthier, safer, happier lives.

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