About Henri

Henri is a second generation sex worker (of 8 years) and organizer living in central Vermont. Henri’s advocacy career began when she was 17 with a local Alaskan coalition working toward bettering the conditions of foster kids statewide through legislation and personal testimony.

When Henri was 19, she moved to Seattle, WA and shortly after became involved in the Occupy Wall St. movement. From there, her work moved from the rights of foster youth to addressing classism, police violence, and sexism. She was involved in the organization of several direct actions and fundraisers throughout her 3-year stay in the Pacific Northwest.

After her stay in Seattle, Henri travelled the country volunteering for radical food movements like Food Not Bombs before settling in New Mexico to become an exotic dancer. From there, her political energy shifted to independently challenging the censorship of sex workers and women, rape culture, and sexism in the workplace. She organized several benefit shows with collectives in the Southwest before taking her dancing career to New Orleans and then to Vermont.

In Vermont, Henri’s sex work expanded to digital and freelance platforms. She has lived in the area for nearly 5 years and continues to work towards fair representation of sex workers in the Northeast.

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