About Devon

devondevon is a seasoned somatic practitioner and transdisciplinary artist exploring all the ways that sex, embodiment, pleasure, art and kink are pathways to healing, wholing and liberation. drawing on theory and practice rooted in embodiment studies, decolonial sexuality studies, ritual practice and socially engaged art- devon poses questions about the relationship between activism & intimacy, between shared liberation & shared vulnerability. 

using her body as method & medium- it is innate erotic intelligence that informs her work & speaks to the ways that somatics, sex, radical self-love and engaged art practice can support folx in profoundly experiencing & more clearly articulating the messy socioPoetic and bioPoetic experiences of stripping away severely entrenched conditioning and colonial embodiments. devon’s healing centered, process oriented and boundary pushing intermedia performing art is an ethical, political, aesthetic immersion full of multi-modal forms of knowing, being, doing and communicating– enacting art as a world-making and world-shaking ritual. evidence aware & trauma informed, her work as a somatic practitioner, erotic dancer, bdsm model & ambassador of kink deeply blends the personal & political, art & life, art & the repair of bodily and social wounds. 

as an advisor and member of the Ishtar Collective, devon‘s vision is to work collectively to resist and unwind the dominant culture of sex, decriminalize sex work, provide healing arts for sex workers, and support all bodies, genders, sexualities & sexual lifestyles in accessing, celebrating & consensually engaging their fullest expression of erotic intelligence. currently immersed in a master’s program in health arts & sciences {with an embodiment & sex concentration} devon is curating, designing, building and future madam of the desire sanctuary – a bdsm|kink community playspace, rope lounge, embodiment shop and healing arts venue.

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